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Discover unique natural value in Domogled - Valea Cernei National Park

Sight diversity - limestone cliffs with Blank Pine, canyons with wildly varying waterflows, peaks with sub-Mediterranean vegetation, old beech forests, alpine meadows littered with dwarf pine, mountain reservoirs, beautiful limestone gorges and ravines, isolated hamlets, sunny alpine pastures, unique thermal caves, mineral water springs, endemic flora and fauna. Unique experience.


The Park was established in 1990 and has its own Administration since 2003. Domogled - Valea Cernei National Park is locate in the south-western Romania, overlapping three counties: Caraş-Severin, Mehedinţi şi Gorj. The biggest area is in Gorj - 29 806ha, followed by Caraş-Severin - 23 185ha and Mehedinţi  8 220ha.

Geographically, the Park covers Cerna River basin, from its spring to the confluence with Belareca. It covers Godeanu and Cernei Massifs with the right bank and  Vâlcan and  Mehedinţi Massifs with the left bank.

The total area covered by the Park is 61 211ha, 44º 50' 10" to 45º 16' 50" north latitude and 22º 23' 50" to 22º 51' 35" east longitude.


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